Wiccan Way


Air is associated with the mind and stimulates the intellect. We all contain the dynamic energy 
of air. Without air, we would die. Air manifests through flying, moving, suspension and intelligence.
Its energy is projective.




 Sense  Hearing, smell
 Stones  Pumice, transparent stones (e.g. mica)
 Metals  Tin, copper
 Herbs  Oungent, culinary
 Plants  Fragrant flowers and leaves
 Creatures  Spiders, winged insects, birds
 Natural settings  Mountaintops, cloudy skies, windswept plains
 Natural symbols  Feathers, incense smoke, fragrant flowers, fans
 Places  Airports, high towers, travel agencies, psychiatrist's offices, schools, libraries, offices
 Musical instruments  Wind instruments, especially the flute
 Astrological signs  Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
 Magic  Divination, concentration, visualization, wind
 Magical tool  Wand (not to be confused with the sword suit representing air in Tarot)
 Rituals  Spells for travel, knowledge, study, instruction, freedom, finding lost objects
 Ritual forms  Visualization, positibe thinking, suspending objects, tossing things into the air, fanning light objects
 Season  Spring
 Time  Dawn
 Age  Birth
 Direction  East a place of sunrise


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