Can you be a Witch ???


Of course you can. today, anyone can pratice the art and science of the Craft. Anyone can pratice the religion of WitchCraft. The only requirement for entering the faith of the Craft revolve around you willingess to work hard to learn the many facts of the system, and your dedication to Sprit. Are you wondering if you can mix the religion of WitchCraft with other religions? Yes you can, but only after you fully understand the concept of the Wiccan religion and can move comfortly among the  differences in both religious structures. You do not have to give up your current religion to investigate WitchCraft. No ceremony exsits where you must lay down your previous belifs to begin a life in the craft. It is true that as most individuals learn and grow within the structure of the Craft, they leave their previous belif system behind, but this comes from choice not by demand of any person or any law in the Craft.



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