Wiccan Way



Wiccans believe in one supreme life force, or intelligence - sometimes called the Initiator or The One. This force then manifests as Goddess and God in perfect balance. This is polarity and all life is polarity. Neither

Goddess nor God are stronger or more important than the other, they complement each other and together form the perfect All. However, pagans, and of course Wicca, believe that the Goddess and God are in all their creations in the Universe. The Earth is seen as the living body of the Goddess and is to be revered, honoured, loved and protected.

Hence Wiccans are environmentalists. Wiccans see Deity as the birth and the death - full cycle. They also believe in reincarnation, death being but the end of the cycle which leads again to life. Wiccans accept responsibility for all their actions and their life. They do not believe in a devil, namely Satan, to blame their faults or mistakes on (such as the devil made me do it!). They seek to know themselves, overcoming weaknesses and building strengths.

Wicca also does not seek to convert others to their belief. They believe that when a person is ready or seeking the path of Wicca they will be led to it. In fact until recently Wicca has been kept secret. This has been also to avoid persecution.

In the past all training and initiation has been through an existing coven.  However in present times, as a coven contains no more than thirteen members, and more and more people are seeking the path, it has become obvious that coven training is not always possible.  However even though there are covens, many witches choose to be solitary.  This also can be very advantageous. 

Due to the rapid increase in people wanting to know about the craft many books have been written and witches make their information available to anyone who is genuinely interested in understanding.  Also if the religion is widely known for what it really is then eventually the time will come when people who have been misled for so long, will cease to be afraid of witchcraft and see it as an asset. 

The sun is my father
the Moon is my mother
in perfect love and trust
we love one another
On long winter days
when mother will sleep
father and I protect her
in her dreaming sleep
And when shes awake
on warm spring days
fatehr and I sing
and dance and play
They are Goddess and God
all that I do, they see
and they are here because
they are a part of me 
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