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Astral Projection

Astral projection is a valuable tool, not only for a witch but for anyone interested in self-improvement. One can astral project to just about anywhere with just a thought. Silver RavenWolf presents eight levels, or gates, as a deep meditation. I believe them to be more of a projection experience.
A good idea is to keep a journal, and go back to look over it every month. Note any fluctuations in your emotional state or health. The slightest change can feefect your ability to project. Here is a sample layout for your journal:


      Astral Journal


Meditating toward Astral Separation

During the meditative process, the body is relaxed but the mind is fully alert. This condition allows the mind
to become very receptive and open to suggestions, ideas, impressions, and other realms of existence.

Enter your meditative state. Remember to be comfortable, as any stresses will be sorely felt later. As you continue
to meditate, you will find that your altered state will naturally deepen, as long as your mind does not wander
to mundane matters. After a while, your body will begin to feel numb. The natural reaction is to twitch or move. Don't! Simply take note of the feeling and let it go, turn your conciousness inward and away from physical sensations...or lack of them. Allow your mind to drift. Not aimless drifting. You are seeking the deepest altered state you are capable of achieving at this moment.
Find a place within you so deeply hidden that it is devoid of sight, sound, or sensation. ou may feel a swaying sensation or see colored lights dancing in front of your inner eyes. Don't try to force your consciousness out of
your body-allow it to separate when it is ready. Be as detached as possible. Once you are able to see the room
around you, or some other place nearby, you are astral projecting.

Try to remember all that you can see so you can verify your experience later.
Remain in places you know in the beginning. If you feel that moving brings you back into yourself, simply will yourself out again. It may take some time for you to gain control over your astral self, but it will come.

When you are comfortable, think about places you want to be. Such as a friends house. Feel yourself there. If you're successful, you'll find yourself there. Its also that simple to return to your physical body. Just think about being in your body. Remember the feeling of having a physical body. Regain your awareness of that body
and allow yourself to aknowledge your body.

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