Wiccan Way

Supernatural Ablities?

Everybody has the ablilty to channel energy. We all have an power within us to take control of our own lives and make things happen. Because many of us have been taught to always look to outside authorities, we have  repressed alot of our ability. Using energy to control your life and make things happen is just as much a part of the natural world as getting up from your bed. Some people see witches ablilities as greater than ordiary and call them "supernatural," but the forces that witches use are availble to all of us and are ordinary. Witches use natural energies to enhance their lives, heal, and protect themselves, loved ones, and the earth.

A witches powers may be super or powerful, but are they are natural. We're not talking about powers likes the ones on the TV show Charmed. Stopping time, moving objects with your mind,- those are powers made up by the writers' imaginations. We're talking about the nartural powers you are born with. Once you start expermenting and praticing you'll begin to understand what energy is and that its is in all of us. When you learn to focus on your natural energy, you'll learn to increase it, channel it, and send it out into the world. Our natural energies make up our power, and we can use that power in the natural world to do natural things. Using your energy is not a substitute for action, though. You still have to study and pratice. It comes easier it others than some you just have to pratice and do your best.

If you use your magickal energies they may help you saty focused. Powers are a blessing that everyone has. Some witches believe thats our powers come from the Goddess. If you open you mind and heart you can use them.


Embracing our energy


The ablilties we have are natural and we are born with them, so there is no reason to be scared of them or hide from them. They are gifts and we should embrace them not feel evil or tainted or whatever because of them. Some of us can use our energies quicker than others to some it may be more natural. You may even already use your energy with out even knowing it. You can control your powers it may take some pratice but you can do it, it just takes some pratice. Soon you will learn to love and respect you ablilties and send them out to work for you or others.


Enhance Your Ablilities

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