Wiccan Way

Magickal Correspondence for Days of the Week



Day Best for the following workings:
Sunday Creativity, ambition, employment, money, protection, men, fire, personal power, purification, exorcism, spiritual work
Monday Psychic powers, the home, children, fertility, dreams, past, fertility, women, animals, reincarnation
Tuesday Energy, courage, anger, power, lust, banishing, competition, needle crafts, aggression
Wednesday Divination, communication, the intellect, learning, writing, herbalism, reading, singing, teaching, wisdom, mathematics
Thursday Expansion, luck, spirituality, prosperity, money, employment, friendship, investments, ambition, wealth, success
Friday Love, romance, beauty, kindness, fidelity, husband, wife, gardening, shopping, pets, music, poetry, art
Saturday Stability, Earthing a spell, past lives, rebirth, binding, lies, losses, completion, death and protection from psychic attack


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