Wiccan Way


Challenges for Living in Today's World


Living close to Nature in you everyday life might seem like a challenge! It can be especially hard for witches who live in the city. Lately, nature has seemed determined to cause destruction and hard times though the Goddess herself is upset with us. But witches know that Nature is never good or evil, it just is.

Witches in the world today also have a responsibility to live fully aware that the earth is sacred and the source of our magick. If we don't treat it with respect and love , careless acts push us further away from our energies. Witches in all ways of life living everywhere touch base with nature wherever they find themselves living can have a powerful impact on the way the earth is treated.

Wicca is often compared to Native American beliefs and traditions. Witches understand that it is in our duty to help keep that earth healthy and vital. While many religions have a holy book, our book is the earth and all of her creatures.


Good Things to do

How can you make a difference? In alot of ways. Think about the impact you can have on the world every day. Recycle instead of throwing stuff away. Never litter, conserve water.Volunteer to work at the animal shelter or offer to take bottles or can to the recycling center. Plant tress and clean up beaches or parks.


Ways to connect with nature.

If you live in the country or a small town its easy to connect with nature its everywhere. Just walk around in a park or some woods. If you live in a city it might be harder so maybe you can plant some plants and take care of them. Pretty much everywhere has nature: parks, lakes, beaches, just a place with trees. Just go and meditate you don't have to all out meditate if your scared of people seeing you just sit on the ground and relax. Maybe draw some pictures of what you see. Then you can hang them in you house around your altar or where ever and have a bit of nature.


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