Wiccan Way

January 21- February 19


Colors: Iridescent blues
Birthstone: Amethyst
Flower: Violet
Musical note: "ti"
Metal: Uranium
Leading sense: Smell and clairaudience
Element: Air
Characteristic magic: Will and ritual
Healing method: Mantras and angels
Ray: Leader and ceremonialist
Polarity: Masculine
Quality: Fixed
Motto: I reform

Moon in Aquarius

This is a possible time for daring moves, and individual freedom. It might even include rebellion and crazy moves.

your emotional needs are to be unique, analytical, objective, detached, open-minded, sincere, rebellious, knowledgeable, and friendly in an impersonal way. you thrive on diversity and the unusual and can be unnervingly rationa. You want to be appreciated for your intellect and seen as an unusual person. Exploratory is your key word.
Your teen years bring out your unusual personality, and you need freedom to experiment with the different facets of your personality. Emotional detachment is your hallmark. You'd rather rationalize your emotions than actually bother feeling them.
As you get older, you tend to express your difference from others forefully, through dress or your behavior. You want to be noticed. Emotional detachment and lack of personal involvement are likely trouble spots. Learning to become emotionally involved is your challenge.



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