Wiccan Way

March 21- April 20



Colors: Reds
Birthstone: Diamond
Flower: Sweet Pea
Musical note: "do"
Metal: Iron
Leading sense: Taste
Element:  Fire            
Characteristic magic:  Devotion
Healing method:  Faith
Ray: Loyalty with sacrificial love and martyrdom
Polarity: Masculine
Quality: Cardinal
Motto: I initiate

Moon in Aries

A time for impetuous action that borders on the brash. It could
be a time for bickering, too. Aries is ruled by Mars, so it's a time when gentle
people can become assertive and take-charge people a little agressive.

Your emotional needs are to be active, adventurous, stimulated, direct, competitive, enthusiastic, and challenged.
You must excell. Being first is important to you. With your active and vital nature, you ruch into activites and love to take
chances. But you also need frequent changes since you tend to be easily bored. Impatience is your key word.
In your teen years, you want to do everything now. When tired or stressed, you hide your feelings
under angry behavior. Fortunately, your anger evaporates quickly and you don't bear grudges.
Impulsive behavior will lead to head injuries so learn to think before you leap into action.



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