Wiccan Way

BELTANE April 30 (fixed)

Beltane, or Beltaine, is the celebration of two powers joining to bring creation, in this case, the Goddess and the God. The two form a sacred union, from which comes creation, growth and harmony.

The God, now grown, becomes enraptured with the Goddess and from their love, all of nature grows and flowers. There are numerous celebrations and rituals associated with Beltane, or May Eve as it is also called. The most recognizable is the celebration of the Maypole. A large pole, representing the God, is erected, and ribbons of different colors representing the Goddess are wrapped around the pole in a spiral dance. The Maypole and ribbons represent the joining of God and Goddess and symbolize the fertile nature of the season. This holiday also has an ancient custom associated with it called the "leaping of the flame."

In this modern adaptation of the old ritual with a bonfire, a small fire or candle is lit, representing the cleansing aspect of fire. People literally leap the fire, leaving behind negative behaviors or influences. In farming communities, animals were often herded between two fires to ensure their fertility in the coming mating season.

Couples may be handfasted on this day, choosing to celebrate the God and Goddess aspect within themselves on this holy day of union. Appropriate rituals for this holiday include those outlined above, as well as rituals celebrating love between yourself and your partner. You may also want to do work in the physical world to help nature grow, such as tree planting, working in a garden, or other ecological volunteer work.




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