Wiccan Way

June 21- July 22


Colors: All
Birthstone: Moonstone
Flower: Larkspur
Musical note: "ti"
Metal: Silver
Leading sense: Smell and clairaudiance
Element: Water
Characteristic magic: Ritual and hatha yoga
Healing method: Natural cures, massage, and talismans
Ray: Will and magic
Polarity: Feminine
Quality: Cardinal
Motto: I nurture

Moon in Cancer

Domestic concerns, feeling secure in a homey way with family, friends, and
things near and dear are in focus. An emotional homecomming.

You are supersensitive emotionally. You need nurturing, emotional support, a secure home, lots of comfort food, protection, and babying. Family ties are a must. You find separation painful. Independence comes late. Food represents comfort, home and security. Emotional is your key word.
Your teen years can be filled with painful insecurity if you don't feel loved and secure. you cope with stress by eating, and your sensitivity makes you shy away from all but intimate friends and close family.
As you get older, your security needs may lead to tight bonds with noncritical and caring friends whom you nurture and care for. You love animals and lavish your nurturing instinct on pets. Shy about your body, you seek approval for how you look. Your trouble spots come from your sensitivity to what others thing and your fluctulating moods. Learn not to take things personally.


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