Wiccan Way

December 22-January 20


Colors: Dark shades
Birthstone: Garnet and white onyx
Flower: Carnation
Musical note: "fa"
Metal: Lead
Leading sense: Sight
Element: Earth
Characteristic magic: Alchemy
Healing method: Drugs, surgery and psychosomatic treatment
Ray: Logical scientists with mental keenness and accuracy
Polarity: Feminine
Quality: Cardinal
Motto: I use

Moon in Capricorn

We want to work, plan for the future, and organize things such as family matters or career durring this moon. People tend to be bossy, cautious, and even cynical in this period.

Your emotinoal needs are for organization, productivity, control, discipline, usefulness, ambition, and practicality. You must work hard toward useful ends, and you always strive to be the best you can be. you have a reserved and cautious nature. Identification with material rather than spiritual values make you uncomfortrable with sloppy feelings, but you need love to thaw your cold emotions. Responsibility is your key word.
Teen years are an active seeking of the means to earn money, which is an emotional anchor for you. Feeling poor is galling, and you will work extremely hard to prepare yourself because you have learned, "if you want something done well, do it yourself".
As you get older, you'll want to get good grades so you can go on to the best possible college and earn a degree that will bring good money. you'll like organizations and may take the leadership of some group. Inability to release stress and enjoy yourself are your likely trouble spots. Learning to have fun is
your challenge.


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