Wiccan Way


Fire is both creator and destroyer. Fire cannot exist in our physical world without consuming, therefore
transforms the consumed into something new such as heat, light, smoke, and ash. Even fire raging through a
forest allows new groth to flourish once the darkness of the forest canopy has been replaced by a
panorama of sunlight. The transforming energy of fire is purifying, destructive, cleansing, forceful, sexual,
energetic, and warming. Its energy is projective


 Color  Red
 Sense  Sight
 Stones  Jasper, volcanic lava, quartz crystal
 Metal  Gold, brass
 Herbs  Stinging nettles, thistles, chili peppers
 Plants  Cactus, coffee beans, seeds
 Creatures  Scorpions, bees, sharks, praying mantis, snakes, lizzards, crickets
 Natural settings  Deserts, volcanoes, forest fires
 Natural symbols  Flame, lamp, candle, lava, heated objects
 Places  Ovens, saunas, fireplaces, sports pavilions
 Musical instruments  Stringed instruments, especially the guitar
 Astrological signs  Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
 Magic  Candle, storm, time, star
 Magical tool  Knife (not to be confused with the wand suit representing fire in Tarot)
 Rituals  Spells for protection, sex, strength, energy, courage, authority, banishing of negativity
 Ritual forms  Burning or smoldering, heating
 Season  Summer
 Time  Midday
 Age  Midlife
 Direction  South a place of greatest heat




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