Wiccan Way

May 21- June 21


Colors: All
Birthstone: Pearl
Flower: Rose
Musical note: "mi" 
Metal: Mercury
Leading sense: Touch
Element: Air
Characteristic magic: Raja yoga
Healing method: Enlightenment
Ray: Teacher with universal love and philanthropy
Polarity: Masculine
Quality: Mutable
Motto:I think

Moon in Gemini

This can be a hectic time with people rushing about. People also can become
 quite talkative, restless, and mentaly charged durring this moon.

Your emotional needs are for freedom, information from many sources, socializing, veratility, lack of routine, keeping busy, talking, and communicating freely. Metal stimulation is a must. you thrive on having lots going on at once, and your bright, quick, witty, changeable emotional nature can cause you to flip from mood to mood with astonishing speed. You can't take being bored. You're curious, you thrive on diversity and distraction. Being confined, limited, or cut off from commmunication with others makes you irritable and nervous. Versatility is your key word.
You teen years are full of fun. You like school as long as your classes are interesting and challenging intellectually. yo u process information about the world mentally and then talk about what you know.
As you get older you may drop projects that bore you. Your trouble spot is nervous exhaustion brought on by being "wired" or overtired. Your challenge is to have plenty of quiet time, especially before going to sleep.



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