Wiccan Way

IMBOLC/BRIGID February 2nd (fixed)


Imbolc, or the Festival of Brigid, celebrates the growing strength of the God, still in His child form, as well as the return of the Maiden aspect of the Goddess. As their strength and light grow, we grow with them. It is a holiday of light and inspiration, a time when our path becomes more fixed, and the seeds that will grow later begin to stir within us.

The Irish celebration of this festival was dedicated to the Goddess Brigid, a triple Goddess who represented inspiration, muse, healing, and the arts. This holiday also celebrated lambing, and as such the feast of this holiday should contain dairy products if possible. As with many of the Wiccan Sabbats, Imbolc has made its way into the lives of non-pagans. The foretelling and omen properties of the holiday gradually evolved into Groundhog Day, the day when the end of winter is foretold by the appearance (or non appearance) of the groundhog.

Appropriate rituals for this holiday include celebrations of the Sun or Brigid and the light and inspiration they provide, as well as initiation and Goddess dedication rituals. This is an ideal time to divine your future through tarot, runes or trance. You may also draw upon the growing strength of the Sun to provide inspiration for your growth. If you need to look into the future or past to aid in your path planning, this is the ideal holiday. Finally, light and candles should adorn the ritual area--celebrate, the earth will soon awaken from Her winter sleep!



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