Wiccan Way

July 23- August 22


Colors: Gold and scarlet
Birthstone: Sardonyx
Flower: Gladiolus
Musical note: "re"
Metal: Gold
Leading sense: Intuition and clairvoyance
Element: Fire
Characteristic magic: Not definable by their temerament
Healing method: Pranic and magnetic
Ray: Source of synthesis fo all
Polarity: Masculine
Quality: Fixed
Motto: I will

Moon in Leo

A time for acting out feelings with pomp and ceremony, whethere we want
to make an impression at work or with loved ones. Pride takes center stage
in ways that are often overstated in the excitement of the moment.

You need playfulness, attention, recognition of your talents, creativity, and grand gestures. Admiration is a must. you are warm and affectionate, so plenty of You need positive feedback. Attention is your key word.
Your teen years are full of exploring your creativity and having fun. As your warm emotional nature attracts people, you are seldom alone. You like to be the center of attention, doing almost anything to get yourself noticed and admred, and you attract admirers easily.
As you get older, your need for attention may lead you into theatrical activities. Extremely loyal, you expect loyalty in return and are deeply hurt when betrayed. You're likely to choose people you admire as role modles for support and approval. Trouble spots are lacked of fun, praise, or acknowledgement, which can bring on a massive fit of the sulks. Your challenge is to share the spotlight. 

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