Wiccan Way

September 23- October 22

Colors: Light blues, pinks, and soft rose
Birthstone: Opal
Flower: Cosmos
Musical note: "la"
Metal: Copper
Leading sense: Hearing 
Element: Air
Characteristic magic: Astology and magnetic forces
Healing method: Comprehend the cause and invoke appropriate aid
Ray: Philosopher who adapts to organizations
Polarity: Masculine
Quality: Cardinal
Motto: I balance

Moon in Libra

Natural time for discussion, compromise, and cooperation. It's a time when
balance can be restored in relationships and associations. We need to be
willing to undergo the emotional process and imbalance that this incurs.

Your emotional needs are for peace and quiet in beautiful surroundings. you hate strife of any kind and will shrink from gross behavior and people. you seek balance and like refinement and harmony. you are likely either to be artistic or to enjoy the arts. Fairness is a must. You hate chaos or disharmony and will work to restore balance. Adept at diplomacy, you enjoy being the mediator and want to be appreciated for your social skills and resect for your judgement. Harmony is your key world.
your teen years are very social, and you make friends easily by establishing and keeping things on an even keel. you enjoy using your negotiation abilities and may find yourself in the middle a lot. Being decorous and proper is important to you, especially in dress and manners.
Later in life, relationships become the focus. You want to be in a relationship at all times, and broken ones upset you to the point of making you ill. Your trouble spot is refusal to face unpleasantness, which throws you off balance. Learning not to repress your anger is your challenge.


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