Wiccan Way

LUGHNASAD/LAMMAS August 1 or 2 (fixed)



Celebrated on August 1st or 2nd (depending upon your tradition), the holiday Lughnasad or Lammas marks the first harvest celebration. It is also referred to sometimes as the grain holiday. While at the summer solstice the God began His journey through the underworld, here He continues deeper into the underworld.

Light begins to diminish as the days shorten and we begin the trip towards winter. The most traditional ritual for this holiday is the baking of bread. The rising of the dough symbolizes the cycle of life--for as the God will soon weaken and go to the

Underworld, He will rise again. During this time, you may choose to do volunteer work for the less fortunate to express your thanks for the blessings in your life. This also a good time to banish fears.



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