Wiccan Way

OSTARA/SPRING EQUINOX March 20 (variable)

Those of us who live, or have lived, in cold climates where winter may stretch for eons, can tell you with some glee exactly what the Spring Equinox celebrates--the return of life and growth to the thawing earth.

For the first time since the Fall Equinox, the time of light and dark in a single day are equal. From this day forth, Spring will arrive, and with her, a wild spurt of growth begins. Shoots of young grass appear, leaves sprout on trees, birds and their songs return. The Spring Equinox is the celebration of the return of the Maiden Goddess, and the young life energy she brings with her.

 Winter and the dark time have finally been put behind us, and the season of growth has begun. This holiday is truly a celebration of life and nature. Since the Spring Equinox represents new life and growth, this is the perfect holiday for planting seeds of your own on the path of your life. New ventures may be aided by the spirit of life and growth that abound, and many people decorate eggs at this time with symbols of fertility. Celebrations honoring the Maiden aspect of the Goddess are appropriate, as are celebrations recognizing the strength (physical or emotional) of women and young women.

Fairies abound and you might invite a few to celebrate the Equinox with you. This is a time of the Maiden, and all is new and possible. In addition, this holiday is an ideal time to break the last of the chains that may halt our growth.



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