Wiccan Way

February 20- March 20


Colors: Sea greens
Birthstone: Aquamarine
Flower: Jonquil
Musical note: "mi"
Metal: Tin
Leading sense: Touch
Element: Water
Characteristic magic: Yoga
Healing method: Enlightenment
Ray: Wise teacher with universal love and philanthropy
Polarity: Feminine
Quality: Mutable
Motto: I envision

Moon in Pisces

Quiet introspection adn self-examination are highlighted as we look at a deeper side of reality. It could mean mind-altering drugs or indulgent drinking as easily as meditation or prayer as we seek to escape reality.

your emotional needs are to be sensitive, devoted, inspired, imaginative, compassionate, attuned, merged, evasive, and escapist. you must operate intuitively. You soak up others' feelings, often negative ones. This can be dangerous to your health, because you often can't tell the difference between your own emotions and those of others around you. you are often vaguely ill, as you tend to float in and out of what we call reality, often being happiest in places where others cannot go. Sensitive is your key word.
Your teen years can be painful because of your extreme sensitivity. Negative vibrations from others and difficulty understanding what's "real" can make you seem spacey. art and music are good outlets for you. Stay away from negative people and find time to spend by yourself.
As you get older, your emotional needs and sensitivity may draw you to people who need your help. Getting caught up in the net of self-sacrifice can be a trouble spot. You need to protect yourself and
your creativity from intrusion by setting limits and boundaries. Frequent reality checks are your challenge. Don't become a rescuer!



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