Wiccan Way

November 22- December 21


Colors: Purple and deep blue
Birthstone: Turquoise
Flower: Narcissus
Musical note: "so"
Metal: Tin
Leading sense: Taste 
Element: Fire
Characteristic magic: Allurement and charm
Healing method: Harmonization
Ray: Perceptive artist who portrays beauty and meditates
Polarity: Masculine
Quality: Mutable
Motto: I explore

Moon in Sagittarius

This is time for adventure and travel, physically or figuratively. We can explore our minds and put a little distance between ourselves and common-
place concerns.

You need to be adventurous, humorous, optomistic, playful, and allowed to roam free. You want to be noticed for your knowledge, and learning is vital to you. you expect everything to go well, and usually it does! You must have freedom to move about, and you'll wnat your driver's license as soon as possible, preferably with your own car! Humor is in your bones and you can be a practical joker, but you never mean any harm. Your characteristic bluntness may offend. Freedom is your key word.
Your teen years are usually a fun tie because you like other people. You're good at sports, an outdoor-type, and brighten up other's lives with your good humor. Lots of friends are the norm, but you'll drop anyone who is not honest and forthright with you.
As you get older, your need for freedom will take you to as many places as you can get, preferable around the word. Endlessly curious, you wnat to learn everything and seek out answers to the universal philosophical questions. Although trustworthy, your trouble spot is in the details. Learning to thoroughly prepare is your challange.



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