Wiccan Way

October 23- November 21


Colors: Deep reds
Birthstone: Topaz and malachite
Flower: Chrysanthemum
Musical note: "do"
Metal: Iron
Leading sense: Taste 
Element: Water
Characteristic magic: Devotion
Healing method: Faith
Ray: Loyal devotee and martyr
Polarity: Feminine
Quality: Fixed
Motto: I delve

Moon in Scorpio

WE may need the stealth of cloak and dagger to get to the bottom of layered puzzles. It could also be time to become intimate. Scorpio energy brings passion, suspicion, and desire into life; if we are ready.

Your emotional needs are intense, deep, intimate, controlled, powerful, and perceptive. You must feel safe or you are extremely secretive about your inner self. You fear your intensity will drive others away. Even under the best of circumstances, you have difficulty opening up about your deep internal feelings. You want to know that they will be respected and taken seriously or you will clam up. Intensity is your key word.
Your teen years can be challenging emotionally because you find it difficult to trust others with your inner life. This can make you feel lonely, isolated, and misunderstood. When you are angry, there's a powerful force behind the emotion that may frighten you and make you a loner.
As you get older, your sexuality merges with emotions, setting up a powerful force inside you that won't be denied. Experimental and fearless, you have trouble verbalizing your feelings because you hate hearing that you are too intense. your trouble spot is hiding your feelings, especially negative or unacceptable ones. Learning to trust is your challenge.




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