Wiccan Way

April 21- May 20


Colors: Pinks and blues
Birthstone:  Emerald
Flower: Lilly of the Valley
Musical note: "la"
Metal: Copper
Leading sense: Hearing 
Element: Earth
Characteristic magic: Astrology or magnetic forces
Healing method: comprehend cause and invoke appropriate aid
Ray: Philosophical comprehension with adaptability to organization
Polarity: Feminine
Quality: Fixed
Motto: I maintain

Moon in Taurus

A time of complancency and contentment. It's a time for us to sit
and enjoy the day without focusing on doing or changing.

Your emotional needs are for stability, affection, touching, financial security, relaxation, peace, practical help, good food, and a sensual environment. Adequate physical comfort is a must. You are bodily based and get upset when deprived of physical comforts. You also enjoy making others feel comfortable. Money in your pocket in extremely important; without funds you feel insecure. You also dislike dealing with sudden changes in plans. Comfort is your key word.
Your teen years are usually fairly calm and stable. You look forward to the world of work and preparing yourself to make money. You like to make sure everyone knows what's yours.
As you get older, yuou work hard if you see a tangible reward. You make long term plans to use money for pleasure and relaxation. When you're stressed, you're suceptible to sore throats.
Learn to let go of overattachment to possessions.


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