Wiccan Way


August 23- September 22


Colors: Gray and navy blue
Birthstone: Sapphire
Flower: Morning glory
Musical note: "mi"
Metal: Mercury
Leading sense: Touch
Element: Earth
Characteristic magic: Raja yoga
Healing method: Enlightenment
Ray: Teacher with universal love and philanthropy
Polarity: Feminine
Quality: Mutable
Motto: I modify

Moon in Virgo

This is a time for fixing, cleaning, and coping with intricate problems and
concerns. Whether is a job, personal well being, or other responsibilities
that need detailed attention.

Your emotional needs are for modesty, usefulness, perfection, and neatness. Cleanliness and orderlyness are vital. You must be helpful. Being orderly in emotinally important to you. With your careful nature, you want to be noticed for your effectiveness and for your skills. You need things in their proper places, and you want adults to make sense. you cultivate being self-sufficient, but if you get sick you need to be tenderly nursed. You are self-contained, careful, and precise. Useful is your key word.
Your teen years are calm if you can avoid disorder, have your efforts appreciated, and are given sensible information and explinations. You like knowing the rules and limits, and you rarely break them. having lots of projects going keeps you busy and happy.
As you get older, your need for perfection may make you feel dissatisfied. Remember that perfection is not for this word! Your trouble spots are digestive upsets and worrying about your health. You either fuss over health or neglect hygiene. Getting in touch with your sensuousness and letting go of control is your challenge.

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