Wiccan Way


Water is cleansing, healing, and psychic. It rolls over us in a soothing flow and caresses our bodies
giving us a feeling of love. Water is essential to us as more than 70% of our body is water. Although fluid,
it binds us together and creates a balanced flow within us. Its energy is receptive.
Water embraces the essence of love, the underlying reason for magic. If we understand water's energetic
force, we can understand magic. And if we understand magic, we can understand love. This univeral force
is associated with the spiritual side of our beings.


Color  Blue 
 Sense  Taste
 Stones  Amethyst, aquamarine, blue tourmaline
 Metals  Murcury, silver, copper
 Herbs  Seaweed, roses
 Plants  Water lilies, lettuce, gardenias
 Creatures  Cats, frogs, turtles, dolphins, otters, seals, shellfish, fish
 Natural settings  Rivers, oveans, lakes, streams
 Natural symbols  Shells, cups, bowls of water
 Places  Pools, showers, spas, fountains, steam rooms, bathtubs, beaches, bedrooms
 Musical instruments  Resonant metal instruments, especiall bells
 Astrological sings  Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
 Magic  Mirror, magnet, ice, sea, fog
 Magical tools  Cup and cauldron
 Rituals  Spells for love, marriage, friendship, peace, purification, dreams, sleep, psychic awareness
 Ritual forms  Bathing, washing away, dilution, placing into water
 Season  Autumn
 Time  Sunset
 Age  Maturity
 Direction  West a place of the setting sun


A Still Forest Pond

Visualize a quiet forest far from the hustle and bustle. At the heart of the forest
is a still pond. There is no one around. Silence presides. The pond is still and tranquil. There is not
a single ripple on hte water. The clean pure water glistens in the natural light. The pond
is ripe with potential.

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